West Side Elementary Kindergarten donates $50 to the Bonnie Kate Theater to help pay for stage lights.

  The kindergarten students from West Side  started their annual historic downtown Elizabethton tour at the Bonnie Kate Theater.  Marcia Ross showed them the inside of the building and told them about the history and the future plans for the Bonnie Kate. The students participated in different fundraising activities and donated some of the proceeds to many of the downtown businesses including the Bonnie Kate Theater to help pay for stage lights.  Thank you West Side students.



Thank You to all those who donated chairs.

We received enough chairs to seat a full house.

Open House at the Bonnie Kate

In November, A team of Elves and East Tennessee Foundation help with a “Sneak a Peek” afternoon

The Bonnie Kate Theater celebrated Downtown Open House on Sunday November 13th by opening its doors and welcoming guests in to see the open stage area of the building. Smiling elves greeted a steady stream of visitors and guided them through the room, imparting information about its history, the plans of restoration and the current status of the project. The festive atmosphere, many guests and sweet refreshments made for a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Thank you East Tennessee Foundation for sponsoring the event.